Laura Sanchez Bio

Hi everyone, I’m a first years masters student in the Design studies Program. Originally from Oakland, California I’ve spent most of the last six years working in urban development, philanthropy, and digital media. As an undergraduate I studied History and World Arts and Cultural Studies at UCLA. Always fascinated by why people behave the way they do, or why societies function as they do– I constantly find myself interpreting the present through the lens of the past.

This appreciation for the past is a large part of what drew me to this course. An often invisible yet inescapable force, I’m curious about the ways that history and memory become embodied in designed objects, spaces and social practices. In these resulting forms, how does design simultaneously reflect and project a specific set of values, beliefs and behaviors? What are the ethical implications for designers with respect to fully engaging with both personal and shared histories when designing? How can design and designers make the past more present in order to open up new spaces for critical reflection, contemplation, and even cooperation? I look forward to exploring these questions and many more throughout the semester.


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