Prometeo Gallery– Milan-based gallery that represents Regina Jose Galindo and Anibal Lopez

Proyectos Ultravioleta–  Based in Guatemala City, Proyectos Ultravioleta represents leading contemporary artists, such as Jorge de Leon, Naufus Figueroa-Ramirez,  Jessica Kaire.

NuMu, Guatemala (site undergoing changes)
Beta Local, Puerto Rico
Diablo Rosso, Panama
Des Pacio, Costa Rica
Soma, Mexico
La Central, Colombia




Ciudad de La Imaginación–  Art space in Guatemala, partner organization for Guatemala Después.   Pablo Ramirez is co-founder and assistant curator.

Centre for Aesthetic Revolution –  Curator Pablo Leon de La Barra’s blog, where he writes about issues in Contemporary Art in Latin America.

Guatemala City Dispatch– Pablo Leon de La Barra’s dispatch on the Guatemalan contemporary art scene for Guggenheim.

Guggenheim Museum’s Under the Same Sun Exhibit


Tz’utujil’s Soundcloud 




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