Course Schedule (tentative)


Week (Date) Topic Session Activities & Exhibition Production Plans
Week 1: (Jan 28) Introduction – Course Overview & Expectations Discuss student skills & interests, exhibit Kickstarter Campaign, Case Studies of Guatemalan artists, and student artistic investigations from Fall Seminar
Week 2: (Feb 4) Guatemala Historical Memory + Concepts in Curatorial Practices Discussion of readings on Guatemala & Curating

>> Students review case studies on selected artists for the exhibit

Week 3: (Feb 11) Understanding Artistic & Curatorial Practices in Guatemala Guest: Pablo Jose Ramirez, Guatemalan Curator

>> Students present curatorial research & design concepts for selected artist works in exhibit

Week 4: (Feb 18) Digital Collections and New Media Practices for Emerging Exhibitions Review Digital Collection Platforms & New Media

>> Students examine museum digital collections & design user interface & content for Guatemala project

Week 5: (Feb 25) Examining Exhibition Design Concepts and Social Practices Guest: Prof. Brenda Cowan, Exhibit Design, SUNY/FIT

>> Students present case studies of exhibitions hosted at the New School, New York City and global contexts

Week 6: (Mar 4) Engaging Publics through Creative & Educational Programming Guest: Jessica Kaire, Guatemalan Artist, NuMu founder

>> Students examine case studies of public programs that engage diverse publics & propose April program

Week 7: (Mar 11) Midterm: Presentation of Exhibit Design & Digital Collection Concepts >> Students present completed design proposals for exhibit design and digital collection for peer-review
Week 8: (Mar 18) Refining Concepts and Preparing Exhibit, Digital and Public Program Preparation of Final Exhibit Design Specifications for SJDC + Digital materials in Collection & Public Program
Week 9: (Mar 25) Spring Break – No Class
Week 10: (Apr 1) Planning work for Exhibition Opening & Digital Collection Launch Review of all updated exhibit materials, website and artists works + planning for exhibit installation
Week 11: (Apr 8) Working Production Session at SJDC for Exhibit Opening on April 9th Installation of the Guatemala Después exhibition at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center (SJDC)
Week 12: (Apr 15) Public Programming I at The New School (at SJDC or other venues) Running the 1st set of Public Programs (including panels, screenings, gallery tour and performance)
Week 13: (Apr 22) Public Programming II at The New School (at SJDC or other venues) Running the 2nd set of Public Programs (including panels, screenings, gallery tour and performance)
Week 14: (Apr 29) Closing of Exhibit at SJDC + Review of Exhibit Outcomes De-installation of the Guatemala Después exhibition at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center (SJDC)
Week 15: (May 6) Presentation of Final Projects Write-up critical mixed-media essays on experiences on design and curation of exhibit/program
Week 16: (May 13) Course Reflections and Future Work for Guatemala Exhibition in June Course Reflections, Ongoing Research Interests + Planning for Design of the exhibit in Guatemala

 FALL 2014

Overall Course Schedule

Week (Date) Topic of Class Session (Thursdays) Potential Readings, Films, Site Visits or Invited Guests
Part I: Artistic Practices – Then & Now
Week 1: (Aug 28) Introduction: Art, Media and ConflictCourse overview and creative directions Intro by Prof. Nitin Sawhney + discussing interests of class participants
Week 2: (Sept 4) Overview of Artistic & Curatorial Practices in Guatemala + Recap of Guatemala Biennale 2014 Guest: Pablo Jose Ramirez, Curator, Ciudad de la Imaginatión, Talk by Pablo at ICI 6:30pm: To Think the Impossible
Week 3: (Sept 11) Indigenous Art Practices in Guatemala and Central/Latin America ** Students Investigate and Present Reading Responses in Class
Week 4: (Sept 18) Contemporary Art Practices in Guatemala and Central/Latin America Invited Guest: Jessica Kaire (Artist and Co-founder, Proyectos Ultravioleta)
Week 5: (Sept 25) Rosh Hashanah Holiday – NO CLASS Visit to Guggenheim Museum on Friday, Sept 26th for exhibit: Under the Same Sun: Latin American Art (meet 2pm in lobby)
Part II: Film, Performance & Artistic Interventions in Public Space
Week 6: (Oct 2) Contemporary Art Practices focusing on specific artists (presented by students) ** Students Investigate and Present Contemporary Practices in Class
Week 7: (Oct 9) Sexual and Gender Dissidence and Political Practices Invited Guest: Carlos Motta (Parsons) Readings + Gender Talents Film by Carlos
Week 8: (Oct 16) Midterm Project Concept Presentations with Peer Review and External Crits Invited Guest Crits: Jessica Kaire and Yasmin Hage
Week 9: (Oct 23) Role of Documentary Film: When the Mountains Tremble and Granito Invited Guest: Pamela Yates (Filmmaker, Skylight)
Week 10: (Oct 30) Designing and Curating in the Public Domain Invited Guest: Radhika Subramanian (Parsons)
Week 11: (Nov 6) Designing the Guatemala Después Exhibition Discussion of the exhibition project, curatorial concepts, and artistic proposals
Part III: Production of Digital Archive & Exhibition Concepts
Week 12: (Nov 13) The role of Digital Archives for Artistic Meaning Making Invited Guest: Shannon Mattern (Media Studies)
Week 13: (Nov 20) Examining Digital Archive Platforms and Practices for use in Guatemala Project Discussion of the Scalar Platform and creating content online
Week 13: (Nov 25) Presenting sample project modules on Digital Archive Students should prepare a module for the digital platform
Week 14: (Nov 28) Thanksgiving Holiday – NO CLASS Students are expected to work on their projects
Week 15: (Dec 4) Discussion of projects and progress Submission of Working Drafts for Peer Review (Dec 8)
Week 16: (Dec 11) Presentation of Final Projects with Peer Review and External Crits ** Submission of Final Papers (Dec 15)
Hard deadline – no extensions granted

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