Bio: Zina

Of Bangladeshi origin, grew up in Singapore. Have spent time living in London and Cairo. Graduated in politics and development from SOAS in 2006, and have been working in media/ communications since then. I’ve played a variety of roles: print journalism (mostly magazines), tv production, PR and non-profit communications and advocacy. Food is an obsession; I used to run a supper club back in Singapore.

My area of focus: inter-cultural communications. I trained as an interfaith dialogue facilitator for awhile back in Singapore, which was rather life changing. This semester I’m taking a class in group facilitation, intervention and process and I am considering taking some classes at Columbia in conflict resolution. My focus at the New School has largely been along the lines of using media for social change, but particularly in inter-cultural scenarios, looking at race, migration, genocide, etc. 

I hope to be in a position someday, where I can combine my knowledge of media for social change and my skills as a facilitator/ mediator. I like wearing different hats, and I like combining these hats in projects 🙂 So, very excited about this class, especially knowing that what we do will go beyond the classroom. I graduate in December, so I won’t be able to take the spring continuation of this class, but I hope to stay involved somehow! 

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