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Final Proposal – Black Banana Programming: UNPACKED


Final Deliverable

Black Banana Programming: UNPACKED

5 day lead time

The Plan: Reflect and share experience from start to finish.

  1. determining program
  2. identifying participants
  3. assessing needs for program
  4. publicizing program
  5. documenting program
  6. archiving – web development

Maira and I will discuss our process, challenges, and hopes for the future of Black Banana.

We will also show a completed video which documents the Black Banana Programming event.

***In addition, I will provide a final reflection essay which covers this experience, as well as my views on curating, contemporary art, race, identity and social inclusion in Latin America.


Black Banana: Exhibitions of Absence


Black Banana: Exhibitions of Absence – the paper

by Novel ‘Idea’ Sholars  and  Maira Nolasco                          



Black Banana is the examination of structural racism in art curation and it’s effects on descendants of Africa living in Latin America. Acting as a metaphor, it sheds light on the absence of those of the African Diaspora in the workforce, and as a part of the overall Latin American cultural project. What are the histories of these erasures, and how does this history prove the existence of a racist hegemony that results in cultural exclusion? When did the whitening of Latin America begin and how does this whitening affect the economy of the black populations as well as their integration into Latin American society? Is the lack of Black Latino representation proof of racist curatorial practices in the Latin American contemporary art world? These are the questions this project hopes to explore. The Black Banana focus is to create awareness around the possible denial of racism and how that denial effects who and what is curated. Ultimately the goal is to provoke an open dialog about identity, hybridity, and access. Continue reading Black Banana: Exhibitions of Absence