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Lisa Mari

I am a first year student in the Design Studies program. I was born and grew up in Oslo, Norway, where I have been working as a graphic designer in digital media for the last couple of years. My academic background is in Visual Communication, and Art and Design with a focus on textiles.

During my undergraduate studies I assisted a fashion designer, Peter Løchstøer, who at the time co-directed a project with a strong vision. He was working with the Sally Ann Project, a fair-trade project established in Bangladesh by a Norwegian couple in 1997. Together with well-known designers in Norway, they design and produce interior and textile products in Bangladesh, Moldova and Kenya. Working with design in this perspective awoke my interest not only in Fair Trade, but also in sustainable design. Sally Ann had a vision about a world with a sustainable development and justice, giving everyone a chance to reach their full potential. I believe a design process should not only encompass aesthetics and technical specifications, but it should also embrace environmental and social sustainability and responsibility.

The participatory approach and the cross-disciplinary forms to be found in Guatemala Después is just a few of the components making up this project, but it is essentially what drew me to the class, as well as my long-term interest for art, social justice and social responsibility. I look forward to learning more about curating, exhibition design, and working with artists and curators in Guatemala.



Maira Nolasco


I started off at New School in the documentary studies program. I produced, edited, filmed, cried and sweat over a short documentary about a soccer team in Brooklyn. The soccer team is made up of latin american men with a shared history of immigration. After their long days of work they make their way to a local middle school gym, where they play about 5x/ week-for some of them it is their income.

Before New School I was studying anthropology, human rights and art studio at Hunter College. I hope to merge all of these interests into a visual anthropology fusion.

i’m currently working on two projects. One is called “black banana,” with Novel Scholars, exploring the lack of afro representation in central american art. The second is “border/culture,” a web series for the boundaries that exist between cultural identity, both real and imagined. (www.border-culture.com)