Final Proposal

Art, Conflict, & Technology

“If history is the disciplined construction of collective memory, art can be the undisciplined expression of collective dreams” Dr Tristram Riley-Smith on why art should matter to policy-makers.

For my final deliverable for this class I would like to write an essay/research paper that would explore Art, Conflict and Technology. I envision this final project to be a

a critical comparative essay about how different types of DIY art invasions (augmented reality being one of these) and invasions of space (like the performance art we have been exposed to this semester) can be used and are used as forms of protest and social activism.

I would also want to further look at how digital interventions contribute and can be employed, while also considering the digital divide and what this mean in terms of artistic interventions. One of the main questions that I want to explore in my paper is how to build peace or seek resolution/transformation from historical conflicts (ie historic memory) through technology while considering the question “by whom, for whom?” that is inherent in the conversation surrounding technology.

This essay would be a way for me to continue to explore where art, personal narrative and public space intersect, which is a personal interest of mine, as well is technology and narrative. This would also be a reflexive paper because in many ways our exhibit was in some aspects a DIY show given our transnational collaboration with curators and artists and it also made use of technology in its production of the actual physical pieces, the organization of the show, the website, our public programming (hosted online), and our digital archive.

Some Resources in addition to Class Texts


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