Bodega “See the story around you”

Katerine Vasquez

Guatemala Despues

February 23, 2015

Exhibition design have a huge impact in the way  human beings observe, study and interpret history, cultures, people and life overall. Exhibition design is a conjunction of colors, forms, and concepts that once is put together it educated its viewers. As Brenda stated, in her article “Getting to great ideas: Brenda’s fab five activities for fearless exhibit designers”, “there’s no right or wrong answers, there’s no right or wrong questions”. In this article she points out the following points:

  1.  Start with questions, not answers
  2. See the story around you
  3. Look at the audiences
  4. Brainstorm I teams of equals
  5. Design the intangible.

Each of the aforementioned topics are essential when putting together an Exhibition Design, yet the one that etched to me the most was “See the Story around you”. She gives the sample of a Bodega (Convenience store).  She sees these small groceries stores “as if it were a person sharing a story about its neighborhood, incorporate objects, juxtaposition. Content and a deep awareness of visitor experience”, and this is true. I am from the Dominican Republic, in every block there is a “Colmado/Bogeda”. Here you will find everything you would buy at the supermarket but in smaller portions. The “Colmado/Bogeda” is also a place where you will come across a neighbor, friend or family member. People often take advantage of this encounter to have brief conversation with such individual you have not seen in couple days. People from the community also use the Colmado/Bogeda as their hang out place. There is always music playing and people playing board/card games.  The first time I traveled to New York I felt like I was back home when I saw a Bodega. The replica of Colmado/Bogeda was exactly the same. I was able to hear the same music playing, buy the same foods and speaking the same language.

Overall with colors, forms and concept the exhibition designer should illustrate how a particular group of people share the same story, culture or experience. At the same time an exhibition design should not leave any questions unanswered to its views. The whole purpose of an Exhibition design is to provoke and emotional impact and educated its audience. This is what Brenda illustrates in her article “Getting to great ideas: Brenda’s fab five activities for fearless exhibit designers”.



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