Ali Cherasia

My name is Ali Cherasia and I am pursuing my Masters in Media Studies. This semester my goal is to tack down what I will tackle as my thesis project so I can begin this process next semester. I have a background in (French) cultural studies and political science. Last semester, I took a participatory research methods class with Nitin in which we were asked to design our own qualitative research projects and employ participatory methods. I chose to research Street Harassment, Sexuality & Public Space. By looking at this daily phenomenon I examined how institutionalized social hierarchies and power relationships are upheld in public space and the effect that this has on how different groups negotiate those public spaces. This research project grew into a personal project that I continued on my own where I became really interested in looking at where art, personal narrative and public space intersect.

I was drawn to this course because of its participatory and collaborative nature. I am also completing a programming production internship at a cultural organization (FIAF) this semester and I think that doing this side by side with this class will allow me to learn about public programming in a fuller scope. I look forward to learning about curating and exhibition design while being able to contribute my skills to this project. I am really interested in continuing to look at where art, personal narrative and public space intersect in a context that I am personally unfamiliar with, Guatemala Despues.



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