Hello everyone, my name is Katerine Vasquez but most people call me “Kat”

I’m a journalist, currently working on obtaining my MA in media studies. I have a BA in Broadcast Journalism.

I’m all about being in front of the camera; traveling and writing about my experience in those places I go to visit. I’m also a Christian so I tend to look at things from a Christian angle, but also from a practical and humanitarian point of view. As part of my hubby and vacation time, I love doing missionary work in different parts of the world. By far I’ve been to Canada, France, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Uganda. I enjoy going to third world countries where I’m able to develop a personal relationship with the people that I meet. I enjoy putting together documentaries and films that can educate those who are not aware of the poverty in other countries.

I took this class because I know many people from Guatemala, I was eager to know more about their country after hearing their experience with governmental issues, poverty and violence. Guatemala is also a place I would like to visit, research about Guatemalan’s life style and document about just like the other countries I’ve been to.


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