black banana: interview questions draft

this is a draft of questions, but would like to distill.

1. What does Black Banana mean to you?
2. What thoughts do you have about race in general and specifically in Latin
3. Do you consider yourself black?
4. How do you define your racial makeup?
5. Do you feel that race is a part of the cultural pedagogy with regard to
“conflict” in Guatemala/Latin America?
6. What are your thoughts regarding representations of blackness in art and the curation of Art in Guatemala?
7. Are you part of the problem or solution? WHAT PROBLEM? Consider this: Is there a problem regarding race in the representations of blackness in art? If so what role do you play?
8. What does denial of blackness (or African heritage) mean to you?
9. When was the last time you saw an indigenous black person at an art exhibit you attended?
10. Who is the last black Latino artist you either curated or seen curated in a “contemporary art” framework?
11. Can you name one or more Black Latino artists?
12. How do you define contemporary art?
13. Are you an artist/curator?


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