UPDATE: On Enforced Disappearance (Project Proposal)

On the project:

Daniela has helped me translate my email into Spanish to the person I’d like to interview (Marco, the director of La Liga Guatemalteca de Higiene Mental, Guatemala) and I have sent it again to Marco. Still no reply, I have asked Pablo (P Jose Ramirez) to help me with this since it turned out Marco is his Facebook friend, although Pablo doesn’t know him. I do hope that it will turn out well and I will wait until next week for Marco’s answer. If there’s still no result, I will continue by researching on the data of the Enforced Disappearance in Latin America in general and use this to explore (I haven’t decided yet in what way –> historically or performatively or poetically) the representation and the bodies of the disappeared. I plan to title it “Missing Persons.”

Currently happened in relation with this topic:

Furthermore, what has happened to 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa, Mexico just a month ago is a terrible truth that shows how the practice of forced disappearance is still employed in Latin America as a tactic of political repression.


The Latin American Disappeared and Repeating History in Mexico.

Ayotzinapa Demands Justice One Month After the Disappearances




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