Quantum Memory: Putting everything on paper

After doing some further reading, I finally felt prepared enough to move forward with my project.

I put my ideas on paper, in order to have a clearer view regarding which the next steps should be.


Now I know I have three tasks in which I have to work on simultaneously:

1) Getting in touch with the artists with whom I would like to collaborate in order to share our thoughts and to comment on each other’s proposal. Also share the readings that could be relevant to both projects.

2)  Determine what the content of the piece is going to be, by defining who’s memories are going to function as the base for the project. What is the criteria? What is the question that will trigger these memories? In which format are they (the memories) going to be collected?

3) To work on the coding and interface design phases of the project. Get together with web designers and programmers in order to understand my options and make an informed decision in this regard.

I would very much appreciate if you could share with me your suggestions and feedback during our next class!

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