Project Proposal working with Yasmin Hage (US and Guatemalan Relations & Arts)

Upon discussing my initial project proposal that focused on the work behind the scenes in showcasing arts namely the economy of it and the outreach and public engagement aspect I find myself taking these ares of emphasis and tailoring it around the “US and Guatemalan relations” perceptions. I am interested in working closely with Artist Yasmin Hage and sharing with her my research findings on how I perceive one of the elements of this relationship. In this case my research is revolved around a heated debate about how American Corporations rely on sweat shops/labour in Guatemala.

The institute for global labour and human right have put together a detailed report about Alianza Sweatshops that is believed to serve American Corporations. According to research these Corporations owe $6 million to Guatemalan workers.  The interesting twist in this story is that on one hand there is the American Corporate Abuse to workers in Guatemala and on the other hand there is the American Arm of Institute For Global Labour & Human Rights that is based in Pittsburgh that is exposing the truth bringing issues to the surface to be rectified.  This is an area where Social justice is challenged ! I do have few  very ideas to share with Yasmin in displaying this relationship artistically , I am very curious to see what she will offer to such an exhibition of US Vs Guatemalan relations.






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