Article for Thursday Workshop – Relationship Between US and Guatemala & Update on Project Investigation

1. Link For Thursday Workshop:

Below is the link of an article that describes the reality of Guatemala, and the US foreign policy in Guatemala. It describes briefly and chronologically the early history of Guatemala, its connection with the U.S including the CIA and the exploitative neocolonialism through banana monopolization (which reminds me of the art that I saw in our Guggenheim field trip and Jessica Kaire’s Such is Life in the Tropics).

A “killing field” in the Americas: US Policy in Guatemala.

2. Update on Project Investigation:

The topic that I’d like to focus is still about enforced disappearance that I have previously posted on our blog. The person who I’d like to interview still hasn’t replied to me yet and just tonight I found out why: because he cannot speak English. I’m concerned about this since I can’t speak Spanish and I think that he is really good to be interviewed and then we can relate him to HIJOS’ proposal. His work is mentioned in the conference of Advocacy for Legislation Against Enforced Disappearances here (read the part where he works as the director, The Liga Guatemalteca de Higiene Mental).

Below are some articles and reports about human rights violations (enforced disappearance included) in Guatemala and other Latin America’s countries:

Guatemala, Silent Holocaust

Enforced Disappearances in the Americas are a crime of the present

Human Rights Advocacy and the History of International Human Rights Standard

Justice and Impunity: Guatemala’s Historical Clarification Commission 10 Years On

Guatemala Memory of Silence

Until We Find Them: The Disappeared in Guatemala

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